Professor-Ransford-Gyampo (Facebook)
Professor-Ransford-Gyampo (Facebook)

A senior political science lecturer of the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo has backed the proposal to scrap the teacher licensure exams.

Former President John Mahama has vowed to scrap the exams if voted into power in the 2024 elections because it is needless.

While some experts have kicked against the proposal ,others have welcomed it with open arms.

Reacting to the development in a Facebook post, Prof Gyampo held the view that, teacher training system is faulty.

“I respectfully disagree with my good friend Franklyn Cudjoe of IMANI, and support the proposal to cancel the Teacher Licensure Exams. Clearly, the type of education that train Teachers is faulty and must be fixed. But this can be internally done.

“The way to go is not to introduce another layer of exam. On the contrary we must review the curriculum and Training College exams for the purposes of addressing their identified deficiencies,” he wrote.

He therefore called for a review of the curriculum and training college exams.

“We are fond of creating new structures to deal with old problems that can be dealt with, by overhauled existing structures.

“Even when we have the opportunity to overhaul existing structures to make them work, we would want to easily develop “useless new solutions” that do not solve problems,” added.


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