Professor Ransford Gyampo

A Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Prof. Ransford Gyampo, has criticised the Electoral Commission (EC) for not being objective in its response to claims of voting fraud that allegedly characterised the 2020 elections.

In an interview on Prime Morning on Tuesday, he noted that the address delivered by the Deputy Commissioner of the EC in charge of General Services, Dr Bossman Asare, was only a one-sided presentation..

Prof Gyampo indicated that Mr Asare failed to apply his principles as an academic but resorted to address “Ghanaians like they are his students in the lecture hall.”

“In my view, what he did was just about reading a poetry recital of responses that only offers praise in a manner that also [convey] a certain combativeness. The position he currently occupies is a position of sobriety in public utterances.


“It’s not about just coming to read a response in a poetry recital manner and sounding a bit harsh and just praise-singing the Commission,” he told JoyNews’ Benjamin Akakpo.

Speaking at the EC’s ‘Let the Citizen Know’ press briefing on Monday, October 25, Dr Asare stressed that the transparent processes employed in the 2020 elections made it totally impossible for overvoting or ballot stuffing to happen, contrary to claims made by former President John Dramani Mahama.

He also described the elections as transparent, credible and highly successful.

But Prof Gyampo was disappointed in Dr Asare’s delivery.

“I don’t think that even his boss, Jean Mensa, if she had read this, would have sounded the way he sounded. I’m not a fan of that particular tone that he used in poetry-reciting responses that only praise and then also that sounded a bit harsh,” he said.