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A man named Michael Haugabook is trending after he married his Goddaughter, Deja, shortly after she turned 18.

Michael, a father with multiple children, was a part of Deja’s life right from when she was born as he was married to her mother.

He is seen in one photo carrying her when she was a toddler.

When she went missing in 2017, he’s also seen begging people on Facebook to help find “their daughter”.

However, while Deja was still 17, she posted that she was in a relationship but people didn’t know who she was dating.

When she turned 18, she got married to Michael, causing people to believe Michael has been grooming and dating the teen mum then waited until she was of legal age to marry her.

The age difference caused outrage and also the fact that he’s her Godfather. Most people thought he was 55 and they asked why a man that old will marry an 18-year-old.

However, a document from when Michael was arrested in 2014 shows he was 54 at the time, meaning he’s 61 now.

Meanwhile, Michael and Deja have told people to mind their business.

Deja Haugabook has released a video asking people calling her husband a predator to mind their business because he’s her predator, not theirs.

She told them that she’s grown despite being 18 and it was her decision to marry an older man because younger men don’t know what they want and they go from one woman to another.

She added that they are jealous and that most of them are still living with their mothers at 18.

Meanwhile, Deja’s mother has called both of them out on social media for what she termed betrayal.

Deja’s mother was Michael Haugabook. Now, her daughter is married to the same man she used to date.

In the video, Deja’s mother said that Michael’s children, who used to see Deja as their cousin and Godsister are now confused and don’t know whether to call her their cousin, their Godsister, or their stepmother.