A lawmaker in Argentine has gone viral after his libido spiraled out of control during a virtual congress session with fellow politicians as he was caught sucking a woman’s boobs.

Juan Emilio Ameri, who represents the northern province of Salta, was seen by his colleagues and members of the public committing the lewd act as they carried out a special meeting about the country’s budget via Zoom.

In the viral video, one could see Mr Ameri burying his head between the woman’s chest as they were all over each other, oblivious that they have been connected to the internet during the meeting while other politicians addressed the house.

He has subsequently been suspended for that ‘disgraceful’ act.

While responding to the issue, Mr Ameri said he feels ashamed for the incident although he added that the woman was his partner and that he thought at the time he was not connected to the meeting.

“I’m very ashamed, [I feel] very bad,” Mr Ameri said, according to the Buenos Aires Times. “Here, throughout the interior of the country, the [internet] connection is very bad.”