waakye in jar
Waakye in jar

‘Waakye’ is arguably among the top three most enjoyed meals by Ghanaians.

It is considered by some Ghanaians as the best breakfast meal and that could be very true, considering the long queues we see every morning at popular ‘Waakye’ joints in the country (well, before coronavirus came to disrupt our normal way of living).

A lot more people prefer to have their ‘Waakye’ served in leaves and those who are heavily concerned about hygiene love to have theirs served in takeaway packs.


But one form of packaging that no Ghanaian ever expected is ‘Waakye in a jar’!

Yesterday, photos of ‘Waakye in a jar’ surfaced on Twitter and that has got a lot of Ghanaians talking, eventually resulting in the creation of the hashtag: #WaakyeLivesMatter.