Twitter users, especially in Nigeria, are reacting to a particular poster on the dreaded Coronavirus by a church in Edo State.


The Church poster reads: “CORONA VIRUS I SEND YOU OUT OF EDO STATE.”

A Twitter user shared the photo on Twitter and it has quickly garnered a lot of reactions.

He shared the photo with the caption:

“E don start ooh 😂…Only Nigerians can relate, more especially southerners 😂🤦🏾‍♂️.”

See the photo below:

That actually sounds like a Church programme that is going to be focused on the dreaded virus.

Some reactions under the post reads:

Always Edo state😂😂😂😂

see Lunatic.

That guy on the bill board is insane.

Where is he sending Corona to? Warri Asaba or Ondo?

Now, you can stop asking where the pastors and healing centres are.

Funny thing, Jesus was going about doing good and these ones dey give you address.

See screenshots below:

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