Pedestrians who use the Accra-Tema motorway around the ‘Eighteen Junction’ are calling on the government to restore the crash barriers there.

According to the road users, the deplorable nature of the stretch continuously poses a risk to them and the absence of crash barriers worsens their plight.

They are, therefore, appealing to the government to, as a matter of urgency, install new crash barriers as well as fix the gaping potholes on the stretch.

Speaking to JoyNews, the Secretary of the Under-bridge Taxi Drivers Union, Isaac Larbi, said it is not enough to patch potholes every now and then.

He says government must commit finances to fix the stretch once and for all.


The motorway was originally constructed as a major highway. But today, illegal squatters have taken over, erecting make-shift structures on the shoulders of the road.

What this means is that the number of pedestrians crossing the motorway has also increased.

Comfort, a resident, said a crash barrier is crucial to protect the lives of pedestrians.