Patapaa Amisty

Musician Patapaa has sent subliminal shots to his colleague Kuami Eugene over what he believes is a copyright infringement.

A line of Kuami Eugene’s latest release, Fire Fire, incorporates elements of Patapaa’s One Corner, which has triggered anger on the part of the latter.

According to Patapaa, he least expects Eugene to even jam to anything that sounds like his hit song, let alone sample it.

Recall Kuami Eugene, in an interview, described Patapaa’s One Corner as “noisy music”, judging that Patapaa is an overrated artiste.

According to Kuami, Patapaa reached out to him for collaboration but he turned him down because he is unprofessional.

This generated into a ‘beef’ which went against Kuami Eugene, causing him to apologise to the Swedru-based aritste.

But, it seems his latest sampling has reignited fury in Patapaa as he has called Kuami Eugene out on social media.