A young man, believed to be in his 30s, has been beaten to a pulp by security men and other workers at the Kaneshie Polyclinic in Accra.

The man, whose identity is yet to be known, is said to be a notorious thief who poses as a pastor to gain access to the health facility.

Reports indicate he usually goes to the facility’s Child Welfare Clinic where mothers bring their babies under two years to weigh them.

With a megaphone hanging on his shoulder, he will enter as an evangelist to preach the gospel during which he will steal phones and other personal belongings of his unsuspecting victims.

However, luck eluded him on Thursday as he was caught by some bystanders while on his secret operation.


All his attempts to plead for mercy or run for his life were fruitless as the witnesses beat him with blood oozing from his nose and mouth.

The timely intervention of the Kaneshie Police prevented the irate victims from causing further harm to him.

He was taken into police custody with investigations ongoing.

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