Ghana Gas

Head of Communication at Ghana National Gas Company, Ernest Owusu Bempah, has launched a scathing attack on celebrities who have joined the #FixTheCountry campaign saying the noise being generated by them “is akin to drunken behaviour.”

Popular individuals and many others have used the hashtag to call on the government to attend to problems facing the country including the hike in fuel prices, poor education, health, infrastructure and ultimately the country’s economy.

The online protest has been trending for the past 72 hours on the micro-blogging platform Twitter.


Commenting on the development in a Facebook post, Mr Bempah questioned what exactly these celebrities have fixed by themselves apart from their fake social media lifestyle and living on borrowed glory.

“Some of them can’t even fend for themselves let alone fix their boring life. They go about borrowing from people to support their fakery and some are in debts and can’t manage their lives and yet they are yelling at politicians?

“These guys need to fix their backward lifestyle and build something for themselves and get a life,” he said.