Bibi Bright
Bibi Bright

Actress Bibi Bright says if not for popular Reverend Owusu Bempah of the Glorious Word Power Ministry International, she would have kicked the bucket.

Narrating her ordeal in an interview with Zionfelix, the actress said her last experience with childbirth got her scared.

She said two months to giving birth in 2019, she saw the man of God in her dreams but she could hardly hear what he told her.

She said days later, she had a similar dream where Rev. Bempah was swapping his watch with her own and telling her to visit him in his church.

“I have three girls but I am reconsidering giving birth again. I almost died and it’s more spiritual so I got scared,” she said.

Describing her recent child delivery as “a whole different game”, Bibi said there were moments where she had to cough up blood prior to her delivery.

“I saw Owusu Bempah telling me something in a dream but I didn’t hear so I woke up and told my husband about it. I didn’t make anything out of it because I didn’t hear what he was telling me.

“So I dreamt again and he took out my wrist watch and gave me his. It was a silver and gold watch. When he was giving it to me, he told me to come look for him and I woke up,” she recounted.

Bibi disclosed that she hurriedly left for Rev. Bempah’s church with her husband and that was how she got delivered spiritually.


According to her, Rev. Bempah made her aware her time on earth was up, hence she had to die to fulfill her destiny if not for God’s special love for her.

“I was supposed to die with my daughter. My husband and I shed tears so much after Rev, Bempah’s revelation. I come from a royal home and I was supposed to die to pacify gods in my family’s lineage,” she explained.

She said she had never spoken or visited Rev Bempah prior to seeing him in the dream that called for the union.

“Even after I had delivered my placenta was refusing to come out at Marina Hospital. It took about 40 to one hour; I gave birth standing up so I couldn’t lie down. The pain I was going through was unbearable.

“I don’t know why God brought Rev Bempah into my dream. If not, I would just die. We have thanked God and prayed. I’m not joking with my life anymore. Each day I want to use it to praise God’s name and gift of life.

“I guess people speak against him [Owusu Bempah]. But I wouldn’t speak against him; People insult him but through him God saved me,” she concluded.

A year on, Bibi has taken to her Instagram page to thank Rev Bempah for saving her life.

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