Ghanaian Hiplife Artist, Mzbel

Ghanaian hiplife artiste, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly known as Mzbel in the showbiz industry, has announced that her biggest achievement is owning a lavatory in life.

According to her, she aimed at getting her own lavatory due to the frustrations she went through growing up.

“All I wanted was my own personal toilet. I got my toilet before becoming Mzbel so what is called achievement, I have gotten it already,” she said.

Speaking on Adom TV’s Badwam Ahosepe, she recounted the ordeal she had to go through concerning lavatory issues when she was young.

“I was brought up in James town. There was no toilet in the house in which we were staying. We were visiting the public toilet and would have to queue for hours before it gets to your turn to ease yourself,” Mzbel noted.

“The most painful aspect of it is that when it gets to your turn, you would be told that the one at the end of the queue is an elderly person so you should allow him or her to go in before you do. I was frustrated at a point so what I aimed at was to get my own personal toilet,” she added.

Mzbel mentioned that she got what she aimed at before becoming who she is currently and that what she is enjoying now is a bonus for her.

“Let me tell you something, what I am looking for in my life, I have gotten it already and I got it before becoming who I am today. I won’t have to queue, buy paper nor explode, for it to get me, that was the main aim I had,” she said.

“And all that I am enjoying is a bonus to me so I am enjoying my bonus, do not think about me. I have gotten my personal bonus to its brim,” she added.