Oswald and family
Oswald and family

Ghanaian journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni, has questioned the thinking of people criticising nine-year old Oswald Gennuh for receiving gifts from brands and companies in the country.

Brands including MTN, KFC Ghana, Dominos Pizza, and Pizza Hut have shared gifts with him to celebrate his special day at school.

The gifting of the products kicked off after the nation was caught in the feel-good story of Gennuh who sent an instructive letter to his mother about what he needs for a vacation day at school.


In a Facebook post, Mr Azure stated that it is not the fault of the now-viral pupil that he is in the space he finds himself.

“The sky is big enough to accommodate all the birds that have the capacity to fly high,” part of the post by Mr Awuni read.

“What people may give more attention to cannot be controlled by the application of common sense or what someone thinks is more important,” he added.