our day list
our day list

What started as a mere petition to a mother has developed into a full-blown mobilisation point with many waiting patiently to see how it all unfolds at a school at Sakaman, Accra.

For many who had their basic education in Ghana, the concept of ‘Our Day’ may not be farfetched as some carried their favourite foods and beverages along to commemorate the end of an academic term.


In what is about to be one of the most sought-after celebrations of this conventional milestone, a Primary 4 pupil, who sought to petition his mother about a list of items, is now the talk of the town.

A twitter user with the name ‘Gambit’ posted a shot of a list of items a son of his working colleague had written.

The statement titled Things to bring to my ‘Our Day’ and dated July 29, 2021 captures the young boy detailing to his mother the items he would expect at his ‘Our Day’ which is today, July 30, 2021.

The child, after penciling down all the items which include packs of biscuits, bottles of drinks and his I-pad, reminded his mother, thus: “It is my day on Friday so please don’t disappoint me. Otherwise you will ruin my day that if I don’t celebrate well, I will have to wait for a long time again.”

The young lad then capped it off with what can best be described as emotional blackmail, jogging his mother’s attention to the fact that “I didn’t disappoint you in the exams so please don’t disappoint me.”

The post quickly blew up with raved reviews of the child’s writing skills as well as shock by the number of items captured on the list.

With the tweet capturing the trends, brands and celebrities hopped on it and offered in various ways to give the young lad an unforgettable ‘Our Day’ experience.

From musicians offering to perform to food brands indicating readiness to feast him and his classmates, this ‘Our Day’ will most likely be a remarkable one for the kid.

Even media houses and education institutions have all expressed readiness to play their part in giving the kid a memorable ‘Our Day’.

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