Socks can drastically improve your sex life [Dailymail]
Socks can drastically improve your sex life [Dailymail]

A medical practitioner at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital says having constant oral sex with multiple sex partners could result in mouth and throat cancer.

Dr Avril Sey explained that the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is sexually transmitted is also a leading cause of throat cancer aside from cervical cancer and could also spread from person to person through oral sex.

She made these comments on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning show on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

The medical officer is of the view that most people contract HPV in their genital area through sexual intercourse.

For that matter, persons who engage in constant oral sex are more likely to contract it, leading to mouth and throat cancer.

Oral sex could lead to mouth and throat cancer - Doctor

Dr Sey also explained that having just one partner could still lead to the contraction of the virus.

“If that partner of yours has the high-risk HPV or some form of the low-risk HPV and you constantly have sex with even that person, there is increase exposure to you so you might get it,” she said.

Though some individuals debunked this claim when it earlier arose, Dr Sey emphasized its high possibility adding that research has proven it to be true.

She cautioned individuals to stay safe out there and also get screened.