Funny Face
Funny Face

Comedian Funny Face, after the recent troubles that have had to take him to psychiatry, has shared with his fans what they should never do on social media.

The comedian posted the advice on his Instagram handling, saying if you want to be at peace with yourself, never attach emotions to things on social media.

He explained, for the first time, that what has led to his occasional outbursts on social media were negative comments he sometimes received from people.

Assuring his followers that he was far from depression now, Funny Face said he would rather laugh and detach himself from negative vibes than soak them in.


#NewLife #StartingAllOverAgain #NewBeginning .. Social media, a place where u shouldn’t attach emotions 😀 … you will die early if you do !! Everybody and their thinking capacity 🔥😁 .. Boii yieerrrh Boiii 😀🔥 … sometimes u gotta laugh and walk away !! 🔥🙌, he captioned on Instagram.

He gave the advice when a fan commented that he faked his condition to get attention from his footballer friend, Emmanuel Adebayor.

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