One person has been shot dead with another person hospitalised after landguards reportedly invaded Obengman in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra region.

The landguards from Ngleshie Amanfrom reportedly attacked community members on Wednesday afternoon.

Addressing the media, the residents said they had enjoyed peace all these years until landguard activities started in the area.

They said Wednesday’s attack was on the back of fierce resistance against selling of lands in the area after several failed attempts.

The farms of some residents have allegedly been destroyed by an estate agency that is claiming ownership of the area, putting their lives in danger.

The aggrieved farmers are calling for swift government intervention and relevant authorities to resolve the situation.

The chief of Obengman, Nii Obeng has expressed fear a volatile situation may occur in the coming days, considering the threats from landguards and sand-winning activities in the area.

He said surrounding villages risk possible extinction and the livelihoods of many are on the verge of collapse.

Nii Obeng called on the police to as a matter of urgency intervene to restore law and order in the area.