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Old Yakaase residents confiscate ‘galamsey’ equipment on River Disou


Residents of Old Yakaase in the Aowin municipality of the Western North Region have taken action against illegal mining activities by confiscating mining equipment found on River Disou in the area.

River Disou remains one of the few water bodies in the Aowin municipality that has not been adversely affected by galamsey (illegal mining) activities.

The river serves as a vital source of water for domestic use, irrigation, and other essential purposes in the region.

The chiefs and residents of Dabi Asem, Fawokabra, and Old Yakaase have united to combat the detrimental impacts of illegal mining on River Disou. Nana Ndoli Kwaku I, the chief of Old Yakaase, has formed a voluntary task force dedicated to monitoring activities on the river.

The task force, acting on their commitment, discovered and seized illegal mining equipment that had been set up on the banks of River Disou, deep within the forest.

Nana Ndoli Kwaku I expressed concern about the devastating effects of galamsey on the area’s water bodies, which has led to environmental degradation and water pollution.

The chief further stated that the owners of the confiscated mining equipment are welcome to the palace to identify their items. If possible, the chiefs intend to engage in a peaceful handover process.

Meanwhile, residents of Old Yakaase have taken a strong stance against any further illegal mining activities that could impact their only remaining source of water. They have expressed their determination to safeguard their community’s water resources.

The actions of the residents of Old Yakaase reflect a growing awareness of the need to protect natural resources from illegal exploitation.


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