Civil Society Group, OccupyGhana, has called for investigations into an event held at the Fantasy Dome, Accra by the Christ Embassy Church dubbed ‘Pneumatica Night 2021.’

According to the group, the event is a possible spreader of Covid-19 as it goes contrary to the Imposition of Restriction Act.

“We are not opposed to the holding of religious events. But we need no reminders that the dangerous and murderous Covid-19 is still present and active with us. That is why the government has imposed protocols by law, which demand compliance, even by churches; and our local churches have largely been exemplar in this regard. On the contrary, we are seeing the colossal human disaster that is unfolding in India, caused largely by unrestrained political activities and religious events that did not respect Covid-19 protocols.

“That is why we are shocked that the authorities could either actively or negligently allow this event to be held in Accra, especially by a religious organisation whose leader actively denies the virus and preaches against the protocols,” part of a statement copied to JoyNews by the group read.

The concerns by OccupyGhana come after footage showing people worshipping without face masks and disregarding the social distancing protocols surfaced online.

Already some Ghanaians who are unhappy about the development have also taken to their various social media platforms to condemn the actions of the church and demand an intervention by government.

But the CSO in its press statement said while it is not against church services and conferences, the Covid-19 protocols must be strictly adhered to by all attendees.

OccupyGhana also urged government to ensure that further meetings and events that flout the Covid-19 protocols are prevented from taking place.

“While the authorities investigate this matter, we call on the government to immediately stop any further meetings and apply the law on Covid-19 protocols to the organisers of this event to the fullest extent possible.

“The key lesson from covid is this: If you pile thousands of people together, maskless, Covid spreads! We all should have learnt that by now! Even more, studies have shown that air-conditioners may help spread the virus.”

The statement concluded by warning government that its handling of the issue will indicate to Ghanaians its seriousness when it comes to the fight against Covid-19.

“We hope that the authorities have learned the painful lesson on how the ‘kids-glove’ treatment of Aisha Huang all but killed the fight against Galamsey, that the way the government treats such a flagrant breach of our laws will tell Ghanaians how serious we are about this fight.”