The National Service Scheme (NSS) has presented Brahma birds from the United States to its Papao Demonstration farm in Accra.

This seeks to boost the scheme’s repositioning in agriculture and contribute its quota towards addressing the food security needs in Ghana.

Famed for its size and known as the King of ‘Chickens,’ it’s a docile, calm breed that is both a meat and an egg-laying bird.

The Brahma bird can take six to seven months before they start laying but when it does, it produces 3 to 4 eggs weekly.

The Papao Demonstration Farm is an 11-acre land near the University of Ghana.

It is fully integrated farm with crop, plantain and mango plantation, fish and livestock production and serves as a practical training setup for graduates from various agricultural institutes.

The farm has ponds for fish production, a poultry section that produces 3,000 broilers and 3,000 layers producing about 45 crates of eggs daily.

It also a piggery that has 251 pigs, 182 rabbits, three acres of mango and coconut plantation, as well as a snail production section.

It also has a livestock feed mill to produce poultry and animal feed and a manufacturing unit for skills training.