Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye

Member of Parliament (MP) for Kpandai, Matthew Nyindam, has expressed disappointment in persons who voted against Professor Mike Oquaye as Speaker of Parliament.

Speaking in an interview on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem on Friday, Mr Nyindam said persons who voted against the former Speaker had their own individual grudges with the former Speaker and not that Alban Bagbin is better than Professor Oquaye. 

“If not for the fact that some people hold grudges against the former Speaker, I cannot fathom why they would vote against someone their own party has selected,” he said.

 “As a party, I think we really don’t understand what happened. As an MP, you should know better and not allow someone to influence you. I think those people who voted for Alban Bagbin were just bitter. They had their own individual bitterness about some big wigs in the party and in such a crucial moment, I think they could have just overlooked their bitterness and considered the party’s interest, but unfortunately, they didn’t,”  he added.


To the Deputy Majority Whip, votes cast by members were supposed to be shown and wondered why yesterday’s voting was made secret.

Asked if Mr Bagbin will be able to handle Parliament fairly, he said: “Alban Bagbin will be able to handle Parliament but I have difficulty in the fairness part. The NDC proposed Alban and it will get to a time, there will be individual and party interests and so I can’t confirm if he will be fair but I know he will handle things well per the rules we have in Parliament.”

Last night, the NDC members in parliament emerged victors as their proposal to make former Minority Leader, Mr Bagbin the Speaker of the 8th Parliament was honoured with the majority of votes.

Apparently, some New Patriotic Party MPs voted for the opposition to make that possible since the House is equally split.