New Patriotic Party
New Patriotic Party

The Central Regional Vetting Committee of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has refuted claims of plotting to disqualify certain parliamentary aspirants from the upcoming parliamentary contest.

The committee asserted that the allegations were baseless, emphasizing that its members had no intention of excluding any aspirants from the race.

On Wednesday, supporters of Dr. Robert Arkoh, an aspirant from Upper Denkyira East, expressed concern over an alleged unfair disqualification attempt.

Madam Rita Yalata Asobayire, NPP Second National Vice Chairperson and Chairperson of the vetting committee, assured that the committee’s proceedings were transparent and open.

She dismissed the notion of bias, stating that the committee members had no personal interest in eliminating candidates.

Addressing the agitations, Madam Asobayire highlighted that sometimes supporters create issues, not the candidates themselves.

She stressed that the committee had received no complaints from the candidates and that all aspirants were content with the vetting process.

“We are not here to favor any candidate because we don’t have any interest,” she emphasized, adding that they were resolute in carrying out their duties impartially despite the concerns raised by supporters.

Madam Asobayire shared her observations with the media, noting that all candidates met the eligibility criteria outlined in the national and party constitutions.

However, she cautioned that no candidate had been officially approved, emphasizing that the final decision rested with the National Executive Committee.

“We will send the report to the National Executive Committee because they have the final say. By Monday, we will reach out to everybody,” she stated.

On Wednesday, the vetting committee assessed two candidates from Upper Denkyira East and four aspirants from Assin Central.

Overall, the committee aims to vet 27 aspirants from 10 constituencies where the party currently has sitting Members of Parliament.