The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has clarified that there was no malice intended in the disconnection of electricity supply to Accra Academy Senior High School (SHS).

The Communication Manager of ECG, Grace Ghason, said their action was not specifically targeted at the school, as other institutions in the area were also disconnected during their operation.

She explained that, the disconnection was part of the company’s standard procedure to disconnect those who owe them.

“Let me put it on record that what happened at Accra Academy was with no malice. We happened to be in that district to disconnect people owing us and Accra Academy happened to be in the Kaneshie district hence the disconnection” she said.

Students and teachers of Accra Academy slept in darkness Monday night after being disconnected from the national grid due to an outstanding debt of GH₵480k owed to the ECG.

Many are accusing ECG of targeting the school since other SHSs also owe huge debts.

However, in an interview on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Wednesday, Mrs. Ghason stressed that there were no personal issues with the school.

All they sought to do, she explained is to send a signal to government to pay the outstanding debt.

Mrs. Ghason said there is ongoing discussions with school authorities to prevent a recur in future.

Moving forward, she expressed hope that all outstanding debts would be settled.


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