Kirani Ayat | photo credit: @kojokwarteng_
Kirani Ayat | photo credit: @kojokwarteng_

Ghanaian singer Kirani Ayat, in response to the Ghana Tourism Authority’s press release, has stated categorically that he has not granted any bespoke agency to receive royalties on his behalf.

According to him, “I would like to state I and only I (Kirani Ayat) owns the rights to the GUDA video. No agency has ANY rights or have been granted any rights to use my video for the visit Ghana Ad campaign. Thank you.”

This follow’s Ghana Tourism Authority’s earlier response to Kirani Ayat after the latter called the Government of Ghana out for using his footage without permission.

According to the Tourism organisation, they secured the rights to use excerpts of the Guda music video through an agency as part of a project in 2019.

Parts of the statement read, “this video has thus been played severally locally and internationally without any issue. The content was used in accordance with the terms agreed with the agency and not as being alleged.”