Nhyiaeso MP
Nhyiaeso MP Stephen Amoah

Nhyiaeso MP and Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Stephen Amoah has debunked police reports that he has been arrested.

In 2021, the MP was among seven drivers of V8 vehicles who were allegedly involved in reckless driving, violating road traffic regulations.

The minister was allegedly apprehended during a special operation by the police around Accra’s Airport Bypass.

However, subsequent reports stated that Dr Amoah had failed to appear in court after an arrest warrant was issued.

According to a police statement, five of the seven drivers who were summoned before the La Magistrate Court were present, with the exception of the MP.

However, speaking on Joy Prime’s’Prime Morning’, he refuted the claims saying it was false.

“When I started driving out of Parliament, I saw one land cruiser with a caged motor, so I followed it. If that is a crime, that one is 100%. Apart from that, everything was a lie. That they asked me to come to court, and I never…Everything was fake,” Dr Amoah told Roselyn Felli on Wednesday.

Nonetheless, he does not blame the institution’s senior officials, stating that some are honest and dedicated to their work. He said lying is just a habit for some of them.

Thus, he challenged the police to substantiate their claims, stressing that it has always been a problem within the police force.

“They do that to a lot of people. They had also arrested the MP for Madina, Xavier Sosu, by then.”

The minister also said some of these claims are made primarily for the sake of publicity and institutional equality.

He revealed that the police eventually apologised to the judge in the case for a miscommunication.


NPP MP, six others arrested

Arrest warrant issued for Nhyiaeso MP, driver

“If what I’m saying is a lie, the police should come and prove that they never went back to court,” the MP dared.

Although he is guilty of the offence, the Nhyiaeso MP thinks the issue could have been addressed appropriately.

Based on his experience, Dr. Amoah believes the majority of prisoners are innocent of their crimes.