Peter Mac Manu, NPP Campaign manager

Campaign Manager of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Peter Mac-Manu, wants the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to explain to Ghanaians their reasons for the fierce resistance against the new register.

To Mr Mac-Manu, the ruling party has backed the Electoral Commission (EC) because it will contest and win the 2020 elections with or without the new Voters Register.

“We demand that the NDC explains its fierce resistance against the new register. What is it about the voter register and management system they hold sacred; why are they against the compilation that promises enhanced features like facial recognition?


“In what ways have they tied their electoral fortunes that make them afraid they will never win an election with a new register?” he quizzed.

Addressing a press briefing on Thursday, Mr Mac-Manu explained the compilation of a new register is an exercise that has been with Ghana for a long time now.

“We did not start to demand a new register today; during the era of Charlotte Osei, a conference chaired by the late VRAC Crabbe took place at Alisa Hotel where recommendations were made but the EC declined.

“I remember the media kept asking me what I would do if the new register is not done, I said whether a new register or not, we will take part and win the elections,” he recounted.

He asked if the NDC will boycott the 2020 elections if the coronavirus pandemic still lingers.