Mavis Hawa Koomson

“Hawa Koomson is a man, not a woman, because she has no compassion,” that was the statement made by a polling agent of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who accused the Minister of Special Development Initiative of standing unconcerned as her ‘thugs’ allegedly beat him to a pulp.

The polling agent, identified as Ebenezer Agbo Tei, sustained a deep cut on the head which appeared to have been poorly stitched. 

Narrating how the incident happened on the Dwaso Nsem show on Adom FM, Mr Tei asserted that, all was smooth at the Odukpong DC Primary A School Park – a registration centre – in Awutu Senya East Constituency when Ms Koomson came there with some men.

According to him, one of her ‘macho men’ slapped a registrant for commenting about the ice cream the Minister of State and Member of Parliament for the area had come to distribute. 

Ms Hawa Koomson shared Fan Ice to the registrants and one of them said: ‘This is our own monies so let’s eat it’ and out of nowhere one of her ‘boys’ slapped the gentleman. So I intervened and asked why he did that and before I could say another word, he gave me a headbutt and took a stone to strike my head, he narrated.


Hawa Koomson was there when it happened and she did nothing, she drove away after her ‘boys’ had assaulted me. Hawa Koomson is a man, not a woman because she has no compassion, he further claimed.

Mr Tei noted that he reported the incident to the police and later went to the hospital for the cut to be treated.