National Cathedral

The National Cathedral Secretariat has refuted the basis for the resignation of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Rev. Eastwood Anaba from the Board of Trustees.

In a statement, the Executive Director, Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah, said their grounds for departure are flawed.

The two revered clergymen have resigned, citing the government’s failure to appoint an independent accounting firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of all public funds contributed to the project.

On January 23, the clergymen called for the immediate suspension of the project and a financial audit due to the controversies that have marred the project.

They argued the suspension will pave the way for transparency and accountability to be provided to the Ghanaian people. 

The preachers have said not much has been communicated on their demand, hence their resignation.

But, Dr Opoku-Mensah has said an audit has already started, adding that Deloitte was engaged in March to begin the audit and was expected to complete the same in July 2023.

“The Board was constantly updated on the process through the Chairman and the Steering Committee, as well as the Executive Director’s reports of the meetings of the Board on June 5, 2023,” the statement read in parts.

Dr Opoku-Mensah also cited a meeting on September 27 where the board was updated on the progress of work following a number of delays due to documentation.

“Although Archbishop Duncan-Williams and Rev Eastwood Anaba were not present at both the June 2023 and September 2023 meetings, they and all the other Board members who were not physically present at the meeting were sent copies of all the documents for the Board meeting, including the Executive Director’s report.

“The claim that they have received no information, whatsoever, on the audit process is therefore false,” the statement added.

Read the full statement below:

The two join Dr Mensa Otabil and Bishop Dag Heward Mills, who exited the board early this year.