The lives of pupils and teachers of Nandi Krom D/A school in the Krachi Nchurumu District in the Oti Region are in danger due to the deplorable state of their school structure.

The pupils are compelled to learn on stones and blocks due to lack of infrastructure to promote quality education.

During a visit to the school, Adom News observed that pupils were found learning under the mercy of the weather.

The tree shade served as classrooms for the school children and education activities came to an end whenever it rained.

Speaking to Adom News, some pupils expressed hope of becoming good leaders and officers, however, their ambitions could be shattered due to the situation, if their plight is not addressed.


The Headmistress and some of the teachers also lamented that the current situation was affecting teaching and learning as a number of pupils had dropped out due to the state of the school.