Keche Andrew and his wife Joana during their wedding | Photo: @joanagyancudjoe/ Instagram
Keche Andrew and his wife Joana during their wedding | Photo: @joanagyancudjoe/ Instagram

Andrew Kofi Cudjoe of the Keche musical group says his wife has never been bothered seeing him around other women in music videos.

According to him, his wife understands his career and treats anything that happens during their music productions professionally.

In an interview on Joy Prime’s morning show, Keche Andrew cited that they shot their newest track, “Party of the Year,” with approximately forty female models, but his wife did not complain about it.

“I remember when we were shooting and my wife came there. She was like, ‘Wow’;it’s a beautiful sight to behold,” he said.

Asked whether his wife is never alarmed seeing him around girls like that, he said, “Not at all.”

Andrew Keche further said people must not draw negative conclusions upon seeing the opposite sex together.

His colleague, Keche Joshua, also noted that despite such activities being part of their job, they are equally careful with their closeness with the ladies to maintain their dignity.

“You need to understand whatever you’re doing before you start. We know what we’re doing, and it comes with certain things, but you need to allow them to respect you. Give them that chance to respect you, and we make sure we keep it all the time,” he asserted.

The duo also mentioned that they are particular about when to release their songs in terms of season, day, and time, which is why they are out again with their new single titled “Party of the Year” to climax 2023.