fameye's former manager Ogidi Brown
Fameye's former manager Ogidi Brown

Ogidi Brown, the former manager of musician Fameye, has said that his manhood functions well despite his ‘paralyzed’ condition.

The audacious Ghanaian on-air personality, Deloris Frimpong-Manso, popularly known as Delay, left OGB Music boss Ogidi Brown astonished with a question about his manhood during a recent interview.

The outspoken media personality, who is known for her compelling and daring style of interviewing her guests, had the artiste manager almost tongue-tied when she asked about the state of his manhood.

In an excerpt from the interview on The Delay Show, which is set to be aired on Sunday, December 10, Delay asked Ogidi Brown, who is wheelchair-bound, series of questions, including whether he could drive.


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Explaining the miracle to a puzzled Delay who wondered how he could drive, the OGB Music boss said he drives with his right hand because he can’t use his legs.

”I was told that I could not use my right hand, but I can now drive. I use a customised car with assembled features that enable me to drive and do everything with the hand,” he said.

The audacious TV host went ahead to ask about whether Ogidi Brown has a functioning manhood.

The excerpt from the interview shows Ogidi Brown seemingly embarrassed by the question during their engagement.

“After six months of effective therapy, things started picking up. After some time, I asked the doctor if my manhood will ever work again and he said yes. And true to his words, it is working,” he established.

Watch the interview below.