Kumawood actor, Samuel Nkansah, who celebrated his birthday in the cemetery, has broken his silence on the matter.

According to him, he found it prudent to mark his birthday in an unconventional way after his colleague, Osei Tutu’s demise on May 17 ahead of his day on May 19, 2022.

To him, his motive was simply to send a message to the world that birthdays always get you closer to death than to life.

“I know my life was getting shorter anytime I celebrate my birthdays and so I wanted to send that message across to the world that there is no need to jubilate when it’s your birthday but rather use it as a reflection on your life,” he said in an interview on Adom FM’s Kasiebo is Tasty News.


Mr Nkansah said though he succeeded in getting the message across, his life has never been the same as he keeps seeing and hearing strange things in his room.

“My life has changed in a bad way ever since I went to the cemetery to celebrate my birthday. I have been hearing strange noises every day in my dreams and it keeps scaring me,” he said.

Mr Nkansah noted he has gotten some pastors who are currently praying for him to forget his ordeal.

Asked if he will celebrate his birthday at the cemetery next year, he said “next year if a different message comes for me to celebrate at the cemetery or any other place, I will gladly do it.”

The young actor marked his special day at the cemetery and also arrived there in a coffin to cheers from family and friends.