My husband and I run shift on boxer shorts - Lady discloses

A young couple who gave their names as Afia Boadiwaa and Peter have washed their dirty linens on-air in Kumasi-based Nhyira FM’s studio.

The wife, Afia dropped a bombshell when she revealed that hardship has caused her and her husband to run shifts on basic clothing items including boxer shorts.

According to her, her little provision shop is not booming and her husband’s GHS 5 upkeep is not enough for her to purchase personal items.

On how they share boxer shorts, Afia said her husband dons it for a day, and she wears it, unwashed, the next.

That system, Afia said, has been going on for the last six months, but has, however, posed no health issue to either of them.

She made the disclosure while defending why she is cheating on her husband with her ‘German borgar’ boss.

Speaking on Nhyira FM‘s Obra, she said their hardship reached its peak, and with no other means of survival for herself and her children, she decided to give in to her German-based Ghanaian lover.

Reacting to this, Peter said he did not go job-hunting as his wife had promised to buy him a car from some funds she had gathered from her trip to Saudi Arabia.

However, after they wasted the money on hospital bills, he said the motivation to learn driving vanished and he has since been a househusband.

On the boxer shorts allegation, Peter said he is not privy to that information, but he is only aware his wife has been forced to use a rag as a pad.

Afia Boadiwaa is consequently calling for an annulment of the marriage, so she could proceed with her wedding plans with her new lover.

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