Dancehall musician Stonebwoy has opened up on his mother’s demise in a recent interview, after she passed on in 2015.

The late Madam Catherine Satekla kicked the bucket a week after Stonebwoy’s birthday on July 29, 2015, and the news broke the hearts of many around that period.

She passed away at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra, after she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

Reacting to this, the Run Go hitmaker said it pains him that he does not have his mother alive to witness his massive success story.

He recalled on GTV how she sold her possessions to pave the way for him to become a successful musician.

On some occasions, Stonebwoy said he hears his mother call out to him, adding that, “people who have lost siblings they had a deeper connection with can understand.”

Stonebwoy said, “I hate that she is not here to see. Everyone who has lost a parent, especially for my mother to be alive today. She supported my career. My mum was everything to me. She wouldn’t understand my craft, but she will give me money. She sold some of her things to get it done. If I ever made it in life, it’s because of her.”

The dancehall lord continued to laud his mother, recalling when he had a motor accident, and she had to take care of him for months at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

“When I had an accident, she was with me 6 months and slept on the floor for 3 months. That is why I cannot stop being about helping. I won the BET and I came back to meet her dead body. I can never get over that. I know she is proud, and I will remember every time.

“My mum speaks to me every day. There are some things no one can tell me, but I hear her words in my ear. Those who have strong connections like that can understand. She calls out to me and I hear it. She calls me Etse then it’s done,” he said.