Fie photo: Baby

Finding a name for your baby that you and your partner likes can be seriously tricky, without thinking about whether other people will like it too.

And unfortunately for one pare, the baby name she chose for her daughter definitely didn’t get the seal of approval from her work colleague.

In fact, the co-worker was so outraged by the name given by the parent, they took to Reddit to rant about it.

And to dig the knife in further, they admitted they thought the name sounded like a bottle of shampoo.

The poster wrote online: “My co-worker named her baby ‘Strawberry Rain’.

“Which would be a great baby name, if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo. Like…what the f**k man.”

Many shampoo and soap bottles on a bathroom or shower shelf.
They said it sounded like a bottle of shampoo (Image: Getty Images)

Someone else commented on the post saying that the moniker reminded them of Jamie Oliver’s kid, named Petal Blossom Rainbow.

Meanwhile, other uses chimed in with what they deemed to be the ‘worst’ baby name.

One recalled a child being called Kingslayer, as they wrote: “Wish I was kidding. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty dope but also stupid.

“Hope he’s their last one, if Kingslayer has a baby brother Mom might not survive childbirth.”

Diesel Duramax was also offered up as a strange baby name choice.

Photo of a pregnant woman with child names on belly
Other people chimed in with the worst names they’d heard (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

One person said they thought the name sounded like it should be used for some batteries, however, others appeared to be fans of the name.

“That’s the most badass name ever,” exclaimed one person.

While another added: “Take a seat Max Power, Diesel Duramax!! is here.”