A man has confessed to sleeping with his best friend’s wife and admitted that he wants to introduce his own partner to a lifestyle of swinging with other individuals and couples.

While marriage is traditionally viewed as an unbreakable bond between two individuals, there are some couples who embrace polyamory, allowing each partner to have sex with people outside of the marriage.

In these instances, instead of feeling jealous about cheating, some people have confessed to feeling turned on by thoughts of their partner playing away.

Speaking on the Strictly Anonymous podcast, Mark admitted to being one such person and revealed that he hoped to encourage his wife to try a new sexually promiscuous lifestyle.

Mark was asked by host Kathy how it came about that he had slept with his best friend’s wife, and he replied: “That one kind of came as an accident.”

A couple cuddling
A man has revealed that he wants his wife to embrace a lifestyle of swinging (Image: Getty Images)

Mark explained how he had attended a work event before catching up with his friend over a few drinks, expecting that his companion would head off for dinner with his wife later on.

But, the US man then described how events took a turn towards the unexpected when his friend admitted that he and his wife enjoyed a polyamorous relationship.

Mark remembered that he had confessed to finding his friend’s wife attractive and was asked by his pal to describe what exactly he liked about her.

“We had one more drink and then we headed up to his room, and the next thing you know, his wife was getting ready, and he said, ‘go ahead.

“I said, ‘what do you mean, ‘go ahead?’, and he goes, ‘that’s for you. I just kind of sat there, and said, ‘go ahead? Meaning I can go do what I want?’

After his friend had confirmed, Mark recalled: “It was a little awkward at first I’m not going to lie, because I’ve known her for many years, I’ve known him for even longer.

“But slowly I started to get into that mode, that comfort, where I said, ‘I can do this.”

Mark has since found his partner and has been married for eight years, but also engages in a secret life, meeting up with others for group sex sessions at hotels.

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Mark suggested that polyamory would help spice up his marital sex life (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

But now, he says, he wants to introduce his partner to the life of swinging with other couples and individuals.

He added: “I want to be able to be as open as possible, I don’t want to have this secret life.