Ghanaian female musician, Eazzy, has confessed to dating both males and females.

She said all the relationships with both groups ended in tears as her heart was broken on many occasions.

Her revelation would come as a shock to many people as dating the same sex is viewed as a gross sin and an abomination.

Eazzy, sometime back, dated Reggie Rockstone’s younger brother Keita Osei, whom she went on Big Brother Africa show with somewhere in 2011.


Eazzy shares broken-heart experience

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The relationship ended sadly and rumours had it that Mr Osei was the first to break Eazzy’s heart.

Known in private life as Mildred Ashong, Eazzy was formerly signed by Lynx Entertainment. She left after a few years having complained that she was not given the attention she needs.

Eazzy Bebe is known for her hit songs ‘Wengeze’, and ‘Forever’, which she sang with Mr Eazi of Nigeria.

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