A journalist with The Multimedia Group Limited, Isaac K. Normanyo, has been awarded the title ‘Adansiman Bofuo’ in the Ashanti Region.

The title was bestowed on him by the Adansi Dompoase branch of the Presbyterian Church for his sterling performance in his chosen career.

He was honoured alongside six others as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the establishment of the church.

Speaking to the media, Mr Normanyo thanked the church for the honour, as well as management and workers of The Multimedia Group for the support provided him since he joined the Group, which he said earned him the award.

“If they had refused to telecast the stories I forward to them, the world may not have known what I was doing. So my greatest appreciation goes to Kwesi Twum, my editors and the entire management. I also owe a lot to my cameramen for always being there for me and to my colleagues for their advice and encouragement.”

The Regional Correspondent recounted instances where he had to walk with his hands and at some point being carried due to his physical challenge, just to get a story.

He said he did not let his disability tie him down, but fought through it all to become the astute media person he is now.

“At some point, I had to be carried, but when I’m asked to wait behind, I say no because I want to see things for myself so I can attest to it when narrating. Sometimes I face attacks, they take my walking stick, but I am not discouraged.”

The journalist also advised his fellow media colleagues not to be armchair journalists but rather to go out and get the news.

“The work is not indoors; go out and bring in something that will benefit the community. If you stay indoors for stories, you can’t appreciate what is on the ground, so come out and work so that your works will also be recognised.”

On his part, the minister in charge of the Presbyterian Church, Rev. Osei Agyemang, encouraged Mr Normanyo to continue his good work “amidst the envy he might encounter and God will continue to bless him.”

He said they are marvelled by the journalist’s efforts in bringing development to the region, “and so wanted Mr Normanyo to know that we appreciate it.”

“Just imagine the dilapidated school buildings, yet the leaders in this country were not paying attention, but when he captured those images and talked about them continuously, the leaders came to fix them,” he noted.

“He has set the pace and it’s like he is the one setting agenda for development in the Ashanti Region so honouring him together with the others is a step in the right direction,” he added.

He, therefore, called on anyone who has been affected in any way by the regional correspondent’s work to try and make amends.

The queen mother of Dompoase, Nana Afia Afrifa Toku Dum III, who was also honoured by the church, said she was not surprised to learn that Mr Normanyo was one of those honoured.

Expressing her appreciation to the church, the Queen Mother affirmed that Mr Normanyo, as hard-working as he is, deserved the award.