The funeral of a Lebanese national transitioned from mourning to disbelief, after the corpse they were morning was found to be breathing.

The incident happened during the wake and file past of the coffin, as preparations were being made for the burial.

In a video shared online, mourners could be seen gathered around the corpse as a woman cried and touched the dead one.

At one point, the mourners appeared to have noticed the body moving and while some took to their heels, the brave ones started performing chest compressions on him.

An ambulance could later be seen transporting the body to the medical centre.

Though the video did not capture the whole scene, reports suggest that the doctors confirmed he was alive and could not offer an explanation for why he was wrongly registered as deceased.

It is believed the man had passed on hours earlier, and per Islamic rite, was being prepared for burial.

Watch the video below for more: