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Mother seeks advice as 15-year-old daughter continues to sleep on brother’s bed


A TikTok user, known as @queen_already1, who enjoys creating humorous videos about her family, recently shared a clip of her daughter sleeping in her younger brother’s bed.

The concerned mother explained that her daughter does this every night because she’s afraid. Seeking advice, she reached out to her followers for suggestions on how to address the situation.

After posting the video, a variety of responses flooded her comment section. Some TikTok users advised the mother not to worry, as her daughter would eventually outgrow her fear.

However, one individual attempted to inject negativity into the situation. The mother swiftly shut down the negative comment, reminding the commenter that her son was only six years old.

@queen_already1 Any ideas on how to stop this to enable her to sleep alone will be appreciated.#queen_already1 #mumof3? #princess_already1 #fyp????? #mothers????? ♬ original sound – Queen_already1


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