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A mother of two, Lucy Awortwi, said to be in her late 20s, has been released on police enquiry bail after she faked a kidnapping case against his ex-husband.

Police in the Western Region discovered that she capitalised on her ex-husband’s permission to send their two children to visit their grandmother at Beposo to frame him in order to get the man arrested to teach him a lesson.

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According to the Metropolitan Police Crime Officer, Superintendent Alhaji Musah Hussein Awinaba, Lucy called the police emergency line to complain that someone had kidnapped her two children.

However, upon interrogation, they realized that Lucy had misled the police with a premeditated ploy to put her ex-husband in trouble.

Ghana has in recent days been hit with kidnappings, especially in the Western Region.

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Police are still searching for the missing Takoradi girls.

Last month, 15 suspects were arrested at Odumasi by the police in the Eastern Region in collaboration with their colleagues from the Western Region.

Also, Ghana’s security agencies are reportedly collaborating with their American counterparts to find the missing girls.

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