File photo: mobile money (MoMo)

A Mobile Money vendor, Mandela Zanu, has been shot dead by some unknown assailants at Akatsi in the Volta Region.

The incident is said to have happened on Tuesday near the Holy Childhood Academy when the deceased was returning home from work.

Recounting the events, a friend of the deceased, Killian Koto said he and Mandela had finished work together and parted ways.

He later received a call from Mandela’s wife expressing concern about his lateness.

According to Mr Koto, he called Mandela’s phone several times but failed to reach him.

Amidst his agitation, he decided to go to Mandela’s house and, to his horror, he discovered Mandela lying on the ground in a pool of blood just a few meters away from his home.

Meanwhile, residents in the area reported hearing gunshots near Mandela’s house, though they were unaware of the gravity of the situation until the news broke.

Mandela, a well-known figure in town due to his combined business of Mobile Money and motorcycle taxi (okada), was described by Mr Koto as a friendly and popular individual with no known conflicts.

The assailants reportedly stole Mandela’s motorbike (registered as M-4-36-VR 23), mobile money transaction phones, SIM cards, and an undisclosed amount of money.

The body of the deceased has been taken to the St. Paul Hospital Morgue, and the Akatsi South Municipal Police Command has initiated an investigation into the incident.

This incident has instilled fear among residents of Akatsi, as there has been a recent increase in crime incidents within the area.