File photo: 'Galamsey' pit

A video online has captured moments sacked Amansie South District Chief Executive (DCE), William Asante Bediako, endorsed ‘galamsey‘ operations in his area.

In the video, Mr Bediako, speaking at a function, touted the benefits the district had derived from illegal mining.


He vehemently expressed his disagreement against the decision by the President to clamp down on illegal mining.

“Why would I not support ‘galamsey’? Had it not been for ‘galamsey’, we would not have had a storey building at Manso; had it not been ‘galamsey’ and hardworking nature of the people of Manso, a young person from Manso would not have been able to purchase a car worth one billion Cedis,” he said in the video.

Watch the video below: