An ex-galamsey king, sharing his experience in the illegal yet lucrative business, has revealed some extravagant moments miners lived inside the death trap pits.

According to Kojo Owusu, whose friend introduced him to the business, there was never a dull moment inside the galamsey pits.

 Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem‘s Social Segment, ‘Ya’sem Nie’, Opooman, as he is popularly known, disclosed that they made bulk purchases due to the long periods of stay.

 “We stay in the pits for weeks and sometimes months and in preparing breakfast like tea, we can use about five tins of milk which I know most people cannot afford,” he said happily.

“We used to take money from our dealers when we run out and buy about 10 bags of rice, 10 cartons of milk, 10 boxes of sardine, oil and other food items. You can’t even find our kind of food in the cities of Accra and Kumasi,” he added.


However, he lamented that despite the huge monies he made from galamsey activities, he could not invest in anything profitable as they were wasted on alcohol, women, and hard drugs.