Moesha Boduong | Photo Source: Instagram

Repented Christian Moesha Boduong has caused quit a stir on social media after posting a video which suggests she is back to her old ways.

The controversial actress, after tasting Christ, denounced her sinful ways and took upon the mantle of being a fisher of men.

But in her latest video to mark her birthday, she was captured exhibiting unchristian attributes which has thrown her followers off.

Moesha was captured rubbing her body seductively and flaunting her new tattoo inked on her thick thigh.

She described herself as the sexiest woman of God in the entire world as she prayed for God to use her mightily.

According to her, the video is to sell her new brand as a “sultry sexy woman” and urged all those who have her at heart to promote her.

But for her mental breakdown she recovered from, Moesha would have planned a bash for all her friends in the industry.

However, this year she chose to stay on the low and reflect on her life.

Watch video below: