File photo: Pregnant woman

The National Association of Midwives, Ghana has made jaw-opening revelation on why pregnant women experience frequent nightmares.

According to one of its executive members, Rosseta Boakye, the frequent and unnecessary nightmares of expectant mothers can be attributed to low blood level.

Low blood level is an indication of increased nightmares. It happens because blood supply to the brain is not enough. When there are hormonal changes, it aggravates to the brain, making the pregnant women have all sorts of dreams.

However, she revealed most times, what pregnant women see in their dreams are what had been processed in their brains as a result of their thinking while awake.


Pregnancy is actually a tough period. Every expectant mother thinks of the condition of the unborn baby; is the fetus okay, how beautiful it will be, will it be deformed after birth? Others even experience dreams where someone is demanding for their baby.

Miss Boakye explained to avert most of such dreams, it was essential for the pregnant woman to consult a specialist on how to maintain a normal blood level.

Adding her voice, Public Relations Officer of the Association in an interview on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem said to ensure a safe delivery and mother-child health, the expectant mother should eat well and exercise regularly, without taking the issue of antenatal lightly.