Police in collaboration with the Mfantseman Municipal Assembly have arrested over 100 goats and sheep in some communities in the Municipality of the Central Region.

The exercise carried out by the Environment Health Department of the Assembly seeks to clear all free-range animals which are contributing to the poor sanitation in the Municipality.

The exercise was done in over 10 communities to arrest domestic animals.

Speaking in an interview with Ghone, the Municipal Environmental Health Officer, Eric Mensah, said the assembly conducted the swoop after several announcements warning residents to cage their domestic animals in a fence.

According to him, domestic animals such as goats, and sheep always defecate in the street anyhow, a situation that doesn’t promote sanitation.

He said owners of the animals will be required to pay an amount of money before they are released to them with a strong warning to always keep them in the manger.

Environmental Health Officer said if the owners refuse to come for them in two weeks’ time, the Assembly will be forced to sell them at a cheaper price at the market.

He warned the residents to stop attacking them anytime they go to arrest the animals roaming in the street.

He then advised the residents to keep their domestic animals in their fences to promote sanitation in the Mfantseman Municipality.

Mr Mensah said the exercise will be carried out every two weeks to make sure sanity is improved in the communities.