Medical Doctor, Dr. Amey Gesus Frederick, has asserted that men tend to benefit more during sex than women.

According to him, Africans have little to no knowledge about sex.

“During sex, both parties are supposed to have equal benefits, but due to laziness, selfishness, lack of respect and knowledge, the men tend to benefit more than women,” he said.

Speaking on, he said, “Sex is never complete without orgasm so when both parties don’t reach orgasm during sex, they’ve both not had sex but rather, they’ve both just tortured themselves.”

He explained that anyone who doesn’t reach orgasm during sex has been tortured and punished by their spouse and this happens to be the leading cause of couples cheating on each other in marriages especially.

“A lot of married women are aging because they don’t reach orgasm during sex, and they’re unable to speak out so it’s always the men looking nicer and younger because they’re always reaching orgasm while the women are being tortured,” he explained.

The doctor mentioned that sex without orgasm has a lot of side effects for both males and females “and this is why I always advise couples before they have sex not to start at all if they know they can’t help their partners reach orgasm.”

“Don’t start it in the first place. This goes to the men especially if you know you can’t make the women reach orgasm. The feeling should be mutual so don’t start if you know you won’t let her reach orgasm,” he emphasised.