A media aide to the member representing Degema state Constituency, Rivers State House of Assembly, Osaki Diri, has been electrocuted.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Thursday, October 14, in Port Harcourt barely two months after he got married to his wife in August 2021.

Media aide electrocuted

According to a source close to the deceased, his phone was charging when he received a call which led to his fatal end.

His wife, who was present, tried to help him but sadly the electrical currents reportedly overshadowed her.

The source said:

“He picked the call while it was charging and got electrocuted.
His wife saw him and tried helping but the electricity threw her away.”

Hours before his sudden death, he was active on Facebook and even released a press statement for his local government council.

Friends and family of the deceased have now taken to Facebook to express shock at his death while mourning him.