The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of La Dade-Kotopon, Solomon Kotei Nikoi, has reacted to reports about the electrocution of an electrician who was fixing party flags.

The office of the MCE said electrocution occurred alright, but contrary to the reports, the electrician was executing his work diligently by installing street lights.

The deceased, identified as 38-year-old Richard Buenortey, prior to his death, was a supervisor for all electrical contract works including MiDA Electrification project carried out within the Municipality.

In a press statement to clarify the issues, the MCE said Mr Buenortey was in an installation task of 300 streetlight bulbs from the Greater Accra Regional Council when he met his untimely death.


“By this release, we wish to set the records straight that, Richard Buenortey died in
the line of duty, and that the general public should ignore the news making rounds
on social media and in the mainstream media,” he clarified.

The MCE added that his outfit is waiting for an autopsy report from the hospital.